Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fotos De Muhleres Peladas

The end of the year end procedures ... Health Screening

It's amazing we finish the year the last step to take to the Resident Visa to Canada. On Monday we went for a second time and the remaining documents to process the registration record card in the Federal District. I must tell you that was an adventure rather stressful, starting with children who could not enter the building and we had the two little that we had no choice, so we went one at a time and then sent us a fingerprinting area well known for robberies of all kinds. Ah! and also brought in the back of the gifts and baggage car, so it was very easy for a second leave us in piglets. In the building next to the PGR Lagunilla market, they listen well and know that these parts know who really is in danger there, there was no parking and that went around and miraculously found a place about ten meters from the building in question. We went almost running and grabbing children with enough hand strength. Once inside we met and we took the corresponding tracks. And finally ..... we ended uuuuf.
We'll have to go pick up the letter to appear on January 4 and as soon as we're going to do our last posting to the Embassy, \u200b\u200band other lords over, and be on the other side the court the ball.
Right now we are cooking a delicious dinner with cod Bizkaia, rosemary, turkey and my Right now kids are filling the air with the smell of chocolate with her father prepared a rich cake. Ahhh we're done! I lie. I hope that Mexico can relax a bit after all that has experienced this year, hopefully the violence that has so nervous at least down.
I send a big hug and wish you a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and take at least a moment to reflect on all that God has given us. For now I hope a new year with new niece, new plans, new life and new opportunities for everyone but with more affection than ever.
Merry Christmas and prosperous 2010.


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